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Laundry, a room where clothes and linen can be washed (and dried). This book catalogues the process of doing laundry in a laundromat. The repetitive sounds of the clothes as they tumble in soapy water inside the drum, the search for exact change and the waiting amidst the humming, swooshing and fluorescent lighting for your load to finally be done. This book is screen printed. The repetitive actions of screen printing noisily echoes the process of doing laundry. 


This book was inspired by a journey I took between Los Angeles, London and Bangalore. I was going from LA to London and then a day later I was to leave for India. Unfortunately due to bad weather my flight was delayed for eight hours resulting in me missing my connecting flight to London. After four days, ten stops and countless hours of waiting in yet another airport (without a shower), I finally arrived in Bangalore without my luggage.


The sameness of the airports across three countries, the impersonal service, never ending queues, endless announcements and the constant security checks (retina and full body scan included) made me realise "The passenger through non-places retrieves his identity only at Customs... [ ] Meanwhile, he obeys the same code as others, receives the same messages, responds to the same entreaties. The space of non-space creates neither singular identity nor relations; only solitude and similitude" (Marc Auge, Non-Places). My solitude in the various airports highlighted this de-humanisation, alienation and production line treatment of people at the airport. 


Overnight, the UK changed its laws on cannabis (briefly), re-classifying it from a class B drug to class C, thereby removing the threat of arrest for  possession. The change was designed to enable police forces to concentrate resources on other (more serious) offences, including those involving "harder drugs." This book explores the changes using the theme of re-classification and presents a snapshot of information for those interested in exploring the topic in more depth.

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