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Surabhi Gurukar, Founder

Surabhi Gurukar has two decades of design expertise in brand building with a passion for typography, infographics and photography. Her clear perspective of design trends, their effect on the market and insight into consumer behaviour helps her convert systems within the brand architecture into a visual design experience. Her strong sense of design turns the brand architecture into a stunning visual.
Surabhi graduated from the Kent Institute of Art & Design, UK after completing her undergraduate degree at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore. She has taught design courses at her alma mater, Srishti.


Surabhi is incredibly talented, taking conceptual elements from the drawing board to implementation in a short period of time. We were working under intense deadline pressures, on two different continents, on opposite sides of the world. Working in Bangalore, Surabhi delivered the highest quality graphic designs to the printing and layout contractor in San Francisco, and then supervised the final production. Her dedication and attention to detail made working with Surabhi a delightful experience.  I would highly recommend Surabhi and Apostrophe Design for any size project.

Michael Kokesh 

President & CEO, AcuNova Life Sciences Inc.

As an online business ancillary education service, it is important to not only have good content in the website but also ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing. The scope of our project was complex and information heavy, yet would have to retain the interest of the viewer. Surabhi quickly grasped our requirements and we were very happy with her deep and enthusiastic involvement in the project. Her methodical approach is well appreciated. She was very flexible and open to our ideas and worked hard to incorporate the last minute requirements. Her clear sense of direction and purpose ensured an effective design. 


The website design is brilliant - uncluttered and clear; effectively conveying complex information in a simple manner. The colour schemes are unparalleled. Our website has meaningful graphics, the right combination of colours, and appropriate photographs. We have received many appreciative comments from our clients about the website. A good communicator, she is creative and comes up with out of the box strategies to present information. Her execution process is also clear and organized. Overall it was a pleasure working with Apostrophe Design. 

Amita Kapoor & Shoba Vasudevan 

Co-Founders, ivy-KAP Admissions Consulting

Surabhi took a lot of trouble to understand the philosophy of the business and the tastes of the founders before designing our website - yet was able to design something for us in a very tight timeline. She was very responsive, which was particularly valuable to me given we were based in different countries for most of the duration of the project. Unusual for many design studios, Apostrophe Design  has a innate commercial sense for what will be more attractive to and easy for potential users of the website being designed.

Shilpa Bhandarkar

Founder, Amaya Art


Manish Singhal 

Founder, Saarthi

Surabhi & the team are very willing to listen to your story, internalize it and then come out with these beautifully designed artworks, which convey the thought very effectively. I have found their designs to be very creative and inspiring. They have the right partnerships in place to provide an end-to-end solution to their customers. The team did a fantastic work for us at Saarthi and we are pleased to have worked with them. I would highly recommend the entire team to any one looking for a creative branding solution. 

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