The legacy of Professor Achuta Rao, from Mysore University, who unravelled the social and administrative history of Mysore through a study of contemporary materials available from the periods 1600 and 1800, was resurrected through a series of events under the aegis of the DSA Memorial Trust. The first event was inaugurated by the current Maharaja of Mysore, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and his wife Trishikha Kumari Wadiyar.


The Centenary celebrations included three history conferences in Mysore, Bangalore and Manipal. Apostrophe was responsible for the conceptualising all event related graphics including photographing Prof. Rao's memorabilia.

Wedding Card - Tasneem and Nihar

The celebratory feelings of the various events at Tasneem and Nihar's wedding captured through the use of bold typography with pops of gold foil and embossing. For a personal touch, we used images from the groom's grandfather's paintings.


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